Benefits of Family Game Night

Family Game Nights offer a fun way to

practice valuable skills related to learning. Not only do they develop closer

relationships with their parents and siblings,

they gain important social-emotional and self-

regulation skills in areas such as:

* taking turns & developing patience

* handling anticipation & disappointments

* practicing honesty & trustworthiness

Children also have informal opportunities to practice communication skills, manners, and empathy for others involved in the game. In addition, the game-like setting provides children with casual fluency practice reading and math. Games offer children opportunities to practice reading and math fluency skills by reading game cards & directions, counting moves, & thinking through simple addition and subtraction. Finally, children benefit from family games through informal practice with higher level thinking and problem-solving skills such as estimating, logical reasoning, and analytical thinking as they problem-solve to win with every opponant's move.

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