15 Ways to Engage Parents with FamilyU

FamilyU is a new concept for many parents & it may take some creativity to get them started. The benefits, however, are priceless in comparison. Here are 15 ways schools & districts are doing to get their students' parents engaged with FamilyU:

1. Register parents during monthly parent nights after giving them a taste of one of the Practice Dives on a big screen (available for site license holders).

2. Use points earned by parents in course modules to count for the student's class, grade level, or school as part of a friendly competition.

3. Include points earned by parents as part of a school or district-wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports) contest.

4. Offer quarterly public graduations, picture, & "badging" for parents completing a short course every quarter.

5. Offer incentives to be placed in monthly raffles based on number of modules or courses completed.

6. Schedule an open gym or game night for students while parents complete modules on tablets or laptops together.

7. Organize before or after school time for parents on the go to complete modules in a community center or in an area of the school complete with coffee & snacks.

8. Use face to face parent meetings to start or summarize a course parents have worked on during the month.

9. Sponsor open lab nights for parents & their children. Add pizza & online learning for the students while their parents engage in online learning with other parents.

10. Utilize specific FamilyU courses for parents as part of student intervention, special education eligibility, summer school, and after school programs. Parents approached from a variety of school personnel will quickly value FamilyU as an important tool.

11. Start parents on a course that supports an important & exciting school/district initiative or improvement goal, such as PBIS implementation or improving literacy.

12. Customize a course for your school/district that ties parents directly to your existing resources, website, & other links. Use the course to deepen their understanding of your specific school goals & resources. Ask DeeperDive Learning about course customization options.

13. Register PTA members & encourage each of them to help 2-5 other parents register.

14. Spotlight success by creating video testimonial clips of parents & grandparents using what they are learning.

15. Solicit local news coverage for what you are doing with FamilyU & challenge local businesses to register their parent employees or partner with the schools.

It takes a village & we can all learn from eachother! Please post pictures, videos, and comments about how your school/district is implementing FamilyU!

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