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A BLOG ABOUT DeeperDive Learning courses.

About DeeperDive Learning

DeeperDive Learning courses are different from other online courses.

DeeperDive Learning courses utilize a unique learning platform that engages learners through videos (5 minutes or less), interactive activities, direct application, social interaction, and the development of an online portfolio of evidence.


DeeperDive Learning courses offer fresh content written and curated by educators for educators.

Content is continuously updated and refreshed to reflect current challenges and needs. The company regularly polls clients for needs and additional content suggestions.


DeeperDive Learning courses truly engage learners.

The interactive nature of each course encourages thought, dialogue, application, and new action. Most videos are focused at 5 minutes in length with extra resources available for extra point-earning opportunities. All courses are translated at the click of a button in 80 languages. Content is easily read using a variety of screen readers in multiple languages.


DeeperDive Learning courses offer a flexible learning for personalized learning.

Learn best your way with your tools and apply content to your family, classroom, or workplace setting. Learn on your time using a computer, tablet, or phone.


DeeperDive Learning courses utilize points, levels, & award badges.

Learning that is recognized and rewarded is motivating and valued. It is also fun! Points track engage level and can be utilized by a variety of purchasing organizations to recognize and reward on a more tangible level if appropriate. Point reports area easily printed and can be accessed at any time by the learner or administrator.


Every DeeperDive Learning learner creates an evidence-based portfolio as they work through a course.  

The link to your digital portfolio may be shared with an administrator, employer, supervisor, or even emailed to yourself. It is a digital record of every answer and upload you completed as part of your course. It is proof of your learning and a collection of your products connected with your learning.


DeeperDive Learning courses incorporate social interaction within each course and in the Dive Community.

Learners can comment and reply to each other to build rich conversation and sharing of best practices with each other, earning points for each interaction.


DeeperDive Learning participates in a data-driven continuous feedback cycle with its clients and learners. Every DeeperDive Learning course incorporates a poll related to the quality and application of content and the learning experience. This data is utilized by clients and DeeperDive Learning for continuous improvement purposes to ensure high-quality learning experiences. In addition, DeeperDive Learning continuously seeks input from current clients regarding new courses and platform development.


DeeperDive Learning serves an international community of learners.

DeeperDive Learning courses are utilized by parents and teachers in 15 different countries and 28 different states.


DeeperDive Learning is flexible and customizable.

Unlike its competitors, DeeperDive Learning offers an array of affordable customization options. Clients can elect to purchase course customization, branding, and course writing of their own. The unique DeeperDive Learning platform was created with the client in mind from the user interface to the back end. Ask about these options by emailing


DeeperDive Learning stands by its clients providing excellent and timely service.

One of the hallmarks of DeeperDive Learning is its clients-first approach to service. The company utilizes an advanced ticketing system in monitoring its Help Desk interactions and works hard to facilitate easy onboarding and virtual training to fit clients’ needs.


The DeeperDive Learning Team is made up of many former educators.

DeeperDive Learning, Inc. was formed by Pamela Bruening, EdD and Martha Green, MEd, both former lifelong educators, in 2015. Former teachers, school administrators, superintendents, university professors, and state department members comprise the extended DeeperDive Learning Team. The team collaborates to support learners in providing excellence in learning that can be applied as you learn. To keep costs reasonable for schools, universities, and other organizations, DeeperDive Learning operates a virtual office from its home base in Naples, Florida.


DeeperDive Learning offers a blog to support teachers and parents.

The DDL Blog offers articles, free recorded webinars, free eBooks, and more for teachers and parents. Be sure to follow the DDL Blog for news of new releases and ongoing information for supporting your work with children and teens. You can access the DDL Blog at:


Some DeeperDive Learning courses can be purchased individually from the store attached to the DeeperDive Learning website.

Check the store at for new releases!